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The Gift Planning Advantage


Gift Planning Associates provides services to nonprofit organizations that wish to develop effective and fruitful planned giving programs.  We develop leads and close on gifts and coach your nonprofit organization to do the same.   A well-managed planned giving program will reduce your organization’s dependence upon annual fund campaigns and special events.  It also has more potential than annual funds campaigns and capital funds drives because it secures gifts from donors’ assets, rather than from current income.  As such, it is directed at a much larger pool of wealth, for which there is less competition. 


Planned giving is the most donor oriented form of fund raising.  In addition to making the donor feel closer to the organization, it offers them many potential tangible financial benefits.  A planned giving donor may achieve the following:


  • Receive current tax deductions
  • Avoid capital gains taxes
  • Reduce or eliminate estate and gift taxes
  • Increase current income by converting low-yielding assets to higher-yielding assets with no capital gains tax


GPA's strong financial orientation is balanced by 20 years of experience working directly with nonprofits -- a combination that makes us uniquely qualified to help clients overcome planned giving challenges.  And, unlike some providers of "free" planning advice, we represent you and have your donors' best interests as our top priority -- not the sale of a service or product.